Borne out of a personal passion first realised in the 1970's, FLORALIVE is the culmination of years of growing, researching and most importantly, enjoying Carnivorous Plants.

This passion, fostered & mentored by the late Adrian Slack, a famed U.K. grower, nurseryman & author who achieved global legendary status in the Carnivorous Plant World for his efforts to popularise these plants and educate people on them and their cultivation, led to the development of our acclaimed 'THRIVE™' product. At the time this potting medium, first formulated and trialled in 1990, was launched commercially in 1998, peat-free cultivation of carnivorous plants was all but unheard of. THRIVE™ was way ahead of its time, and to this day still has no comparable equal.  The result of several years of research into alternative growing media for Carnivorous Plants, the majority of which grow naturally in peat bogs, THRIVE™ has benefitted from periodic formula improvements in that time and is suitable for use with all terrestrial carnivorous plants.

We use THRIVE™ for all our cultivation. Every potted plant we supply is grown in it, making us the first nursery to grow and supply multiple carnivorous plant genera cultivated entirely without the use of peat.

We are based in the English Midlands and supply within the U.K. only at the present time.

We are currently offering our THRIVE™ product and a range of quality growing accessories via our online store. Our range of plants will be available to order in 2019 - some of this range is visible within our online portfolio, though product details and pricing information are not yet present. Please register for our newsletter to receive updates on when these items are available for purchase.

Please browse our site at your leisure. We offer free postage & packing for all orders of £45 or more in value, delivered to mainland U.K. addresses. All payments are processed securely and we never share personal details with third-parties for marketing purposes, so you may shop in complete confidence with us.

Page last updated: 22/11/18