Drosera capensis narrow-leaf form - Narrow-leaved Cape Sundew


Drosera capensis narrow-leaf form - Narrow-leaved Cape Sundew


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Makes a great starter plant. Bearing strap-like leaves borne in a rosette above the ground, this species gradually forms a short stem. The leaves are apple-green with tentacles that adopt a bright red hue when grown in full sun and this can make a lovely contrast when grown alongside the white-flowered form.

The many flowers are pink, borne on comparatively long, green stems and a single plant can produce several scapes during the warmer months. We advise removing these if formed during the first summer of ownership to reduce unnecessary stress on the plant in its new environment, and in subsequent years this is also advisable unless seed is required.

Found naturally in South Africa, this is classified as a sub-tropical plant, however it is capable of tolerating (rather than appreciating) repeated mild frosts and as such can be grown satisfactorily in a cold greenhouse. Will also make a rewarding houseplant provided a sunny windowsill (south-facing is best) is available.

Stand in a small amount of soft water during the growing season. Keep just damp at other times. Will become dormant if a temperature of at least 40 degrees is not maintained during winter and can lose all foliage when this happens, disappearing underground only to re-emerge in Spring with the advent of longer, warmer days.

Sent potted in a 7cm, 0.3 litre square-pot, suitable for a further 1-2 growing seasons.

Repot during winter when the plant is dormant, using THRIVE™ + x size pot when applicable.

Supplied with full-colour printed identification label which includes basic cultural details.

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