Sarracenia x leucophylla hybrid - Hybrid Pitcher Plant


Sarracenia x leucophylla hybrid - Hybrid Pitcher Plant


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Of unknown parentage, although S. leucophylla is clearly present in the lineage. Pitchers can reach in excess of 40cm where the plant is given sufficient room, and in good strong light, they adopt a nice maroon colour, especially in the upper pitcher and hood. Green and maroon veinings are present in the hood and proportionately large mouth of young pitchers or those that can't reach sufficient light and the plant displays good vigour, clumping nicely.

Hardy in the U.K; but best grown indoors under glass, and can be a good houseplant provided it is given good light, however it will grow satisfactorily outside in many parts of the U.K.

Repot in THRIVE™ + the following size pot when applicable:

7cm > 10cm square or 10cm Decorative

10cm > 13cm square or 13cm Decorative

13cm > 20.5cm Decorative

Sent potted, in either a 7cm square pot, a 10cm Decorative pot or a 13cm Decorative pot. Supplied with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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