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About Us

Proving the Impossible Possible

 Innovation has always been our 'Growth' Strategy

Based in the English Midlands, but with Welsh roots, we are a U.K. Carnivorous Plant Nursery supplying the U.K. Retail Horticultural Trade and also direct to U.K. consumers via our online store.

Having been "Peat-Free" since 1990, we lead the World in peat-free Carnivorous Plant cultivation. We are the first, and only, commercial Carnivorous Plant Nursery anywhere to grow and supply multiple genera without utilising peat, a precious natural resource; a feat that has, to date, proved globally elusive to others.

We have been completely 'Peat-Free' since 1990 and are still today at the forefront of global research and innovation in relation to peat-free cultivation of Carnivorous Plants. We are proactively involved in work to transition the UK Horticultural Industry to "Peat-Free Horticulture".

We also market our unique, peat-free Carnivorous Plant Growing Medium, "THRIVE™", first launched in 1998, for wider adoption by consumers, allowing anyone to grow these plants without detriment to our natural environment. Please scroll down for more insight.


Our Story

The fact that a considerable number of Carnivorous Plants are native to peaty bogs and marshland around the World has led to the belief that in order to cultivate such plants successfully elsewhere, the use of peat as a growing medium is a prerequisite.


However, 'digging up' the natural habitat of plants in order to grow them successfully at home has massive environmental repercussions. It was this realisation, in the early 1980's, that stirred our Founder to set about changing the 'status quo' and begin a quest to find alternative, more 'Planet Positive' materials to utilise - enabling people to leave peat 'in the bog, not in the bag', whilst still growing plants that thrive.

Meet The Team

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